Testimonials About Our Retail Management Software

Hear what our partners are saying about AgRetail Management System

Dale Dales

"I've been in the retail business for twenty years and I've had the Silverado system in my store for fifteen years. I couldn't be happier with the Silverado program. It does everything we need to do. I've had great service with the program and I would recommend it to anyone!"


Dales Town & Country
SBS Testimonial 1

"It's a really easy system to use and it has a lot of good stuff on there to run your business. All the employees really like it a lot! It's a really good product."


Arcola Feed
Sherry Schultz - Clifton Feed

"We've had AgRetail since 2002. The support staff is great! If you don't have it, you don't know what you're missing."


Clifton Feed & Service Center
Kettle Moraine

"It's probably one of the easiest things I've ever done."

Kettle Moraine Town & Country

David Most

"They were excellent to work with! They were very helpful and it was very easy to use. They train the staff right from the start on how to use it. It was so easy, within five minutes, our staff was able to ring up customers. You can get a lot of reports and keep up with inventory. We are now looking to add things to it! For anyone with a store that needs ease of a system to use but yet the full complement of reports and point-of-sale capabilities. I wish you'd consider it too!"


Most Feed & Garden
Mike Bar

"We use the AgRetail System in both stores. It's very easy to make a sales transaction. It's seamless and works very well. I'd recommend it to anybody in the feedstore business."


Bar None & McGregor Country Store
Bob Rockin B

"We've been very happy with it! Really easy to close everything out, track inventory and end of the month reports are great."


Rockin B Feed & Supply
Mark Stockmens

"We've been with AgRetail since 1997. The software works well for us."


Stockmens Feed Bunk
Tommys Feed

"We use AgRetail and I LOVE it. We just got the warehouse printer and it makes loading a lot easier. The system is very easy to learn."


Tommy's Feed Store & More